Audition Coaching & Preparation

Successful auditions are the aim of every actor. Throughout your acting career, your ability to deliver confident, engaging and relevant auditions will determine the quantity and quality of the acting work you get.

Andy provides Audition Coaching for actors who want the ability and confidence to smash their audition, whether it be for TV, Film, Theatre of Commercial. Andy can help you with self-tapes (and read for you) too!

As actors, we have to trust our instincts on how to play a part, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan and rehearse for auditions. In fact, going into the audition with a couple of versions of your character readily prepared can make you look skilled and flexible to the casting director.

Andy can work with you as your acting coach on an ongoing basis, but he is also able to offer audition coaching and preparation for specific roles.

Big auditions can be scary, and you need to suppress the nerves and let the real you come through. You need to own the room, and show that you can bring something special to the part you’re being see for.

Andy has auditioned with top casting directors for TV and Film in the UK and Hollywood, and booked 4 Hollywood movies, and TV shows worldwide, including “Holby City”, “People Just Do Nothing”, and “Birds of a Feather” in the UK.

Whether you would like coaching on monologues, feedback on your audition approach or help with nailing the big acting opportunity that is coming your way – Andy’s experience can give you the edge in that next audition.

Andy can help you prepare for auditions – preferably in person, but also over Skype if we’ve met or worked together before.

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Working with an acting coach is all about developing your individual skills – so the first steps are always about getting to know you and understanding how I can help.

I am based in Bath, and also work with actors across Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

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