Acting Coach

Andy provides Acting Coaching and Teaching for actors and non-actors who want to improve their acting performance, or their confidence, presentation, or public speaking skills.

As well as coaching private clients, Andy previously taught the comedy module at Redroofs Theatre School.

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Previous Acting Students

Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick
Jessica Henwick

Jess is best known for her roles as Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones, Jessika Pava in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Colleen Wing in Iron Fist, The Defenders and Luke Cage. Jess was the first actress of East Asian descent to play the lead role in a British television series. Andy taught Jess at Redroofs in the lead up to her TV debut in Spirit Warriors.

Alisha Conley

Natasha as Tinkerbell in Disney on Ice
Alisha as Tinkerbell in Disney on Ice

Alisha says:
“My memories of working with Andy during acting classes are fond ones. Andy was extremely patient, and helped describe acting methods in ways other tutors could not in order for me to really apply myself to characters and roles with ease. I remember a rainy day class as we all sat around listening with eager ears and eyes; that day Andy told us “We all have a big break, whether that’s tomorrow or the future, but we all have one… And if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t get upset, because it just hasn’t been your time yet but it will be.

After 9 years I still remember those words. From my memory they may not be in the original order or the exact phrase used, but the message was clear and it has stuck with me throughout my life.
I learnt a lot from Andy’s classes, and I like to think they brought me out of my shell and not only taught me a lot about acting, but also myself.
I now travel the world performing as a figure skater, and write reviews on local cuisines and food I happen to come across in new cities and countries.

Every day I use my acting skills and apply them to my job as a performer, and every day I love what I do whether that’s performing or writing.

Thank you Andy for always teaching fantastic classes, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”