Andy Pandini Biography

Andy started his career as a musician in the 1980s, playing keyboards in the band “Telling Lies” as well as others, before becoming a stand-up comedian in 1996 and spending 8 successful years on the UK standup circuit, playing at comedy venues in London and around the UK, as well as at the Glastonbury and Edinburgh Festivals. He was also the resident compere at Tonbridge Comedy Club, and the accompanist to his longtime friend (and former bandmate), the comedian Ian Cognito.

Andy’s stage work includes “Non-Scene” in Edinburgh and “’Dentity Crisis” in London together with two seasons of pantomime. His TV work includes “Holby City” and “People Just Do Nothing” for the BBC, “Birds of a Feather” for ITV, and “Small Town Politics” for Sky TV. Films include award-winning comedy zombie mockumentary “Harold’s Going Stiff”, three films in the successful USA “Baby Geniuses” series, and the Christmas movie “Chilly Christmas”.

Andy has appeared in commercials for Sky TV, BBC Radio, Paddy Power, Virgin Roulette and more. He has also written for BBC Radio 4, and taught comedy at Redroofs Theatre School.