Professional Role Play

Using role play in a corporate setting has become increasingly popular – and rightly so. The value that role plays adds to learning, development and assessment activities is considerable.

As a professional role play actor, I have been involved in role play for a wide range of corporate and public service teams. My experience includes customer service and sales training, leadership development, medical training and assessment, legal sector skills and communication assessments.

I am passionate about the value of using acting techniques to deliver professional – and personal – development. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and am dedicated to improving my understanding and experience in this area, which is why I’m currently studying for the CIPD’s Level 5 Award in Learning and Development.

Learning & Development

My professional role play work is at the heart of a wider project to use acting skills and techniques to support and develop great people – both professionally and personally.

This work in Learning & Development goes by the name of Theatre of You.

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